At Legendary Elite, our mission is to continually establish confidence and rid of self doubt, by developing a family of encouragement, no matter: ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion,gender or orientation, by competing at the highest levels of competition. With commitment and sportsmanship, we will consistently be developing player skills, along with positive life habits that will help today's youth, achieve  their personal goals on and off the court at any level. Together as a community of staff,parents and players, while utilizing effective communication and personal dedication, has become a strong  foundation to our success. 

As a unit, daily, we quest to positively encourage,motivate and help one another push through that tough: day, class, workout and or situation (s). While enduring the team concepts in a fast paced, high demand style, with high school, college, and professional level expectations, we set our sights on uplifting youth becoming not only successful players, but successful adults as well. 


At Legendary Elite, we look forward to working with you helping you reach your unlimited potential. 

Be Elite. Become Legendary.